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Abbigale Cornish was born on August 7, 1982 in Lochinvar, New South Wales, Australia. As a teen, she would sometimes pose for her mother in amateur photographs, which led to several local modeling opportunities. Abbie began her acting career at age fifteen in an Australian series called Children's Hospital, where she played a quadriplegic in two scenes. Although it was a very small role, it further ignited her interest in acting.

Her parents divorced when she was sixteen years old, and she traveled to the U.S. at the age of 17. She had some small reoccurring roles before starring alongside Heath Ledger in the film Candy, playing the title role of a young actress hooked on heroin. Abbie has gravitated toward serious and gritty roles and in 2008 played Michelle in the film Stop-Loss, which focused on the war in Iraq. She was also in the 2009 independent film Bright Star playing Fanny Brawne, the three-year love interest of poet John Keats.

Traveling has become somewhat of a passion for Abbie. She has spent time in Morocco, Brazil, Italy, and France as well as the United States and Australia.


  • Loves animals and has been a vegetarian since the age of thirteen
  • Plays guitar and piano
  • Has three brothers and one sister, and is the second-oldest child
  • Learned to drive when she was only twelve years old
  • In 2008 was voted "Australia's Sexiest Vegetarian"


  • "Whenever I am acting, it's everything, you know. If I'm researching a role, I'm completely consumed in that and, between action and cut, I live in this suspended time. It's a really amazing experience and the only other thing I get it from is music."
  • "The first time you get nude in front of someone, it's hard, and then it's, 'Well, you've seen everything now; it's OK, we can shoot the rest of the day"

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