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Rebecca Sara Newton was born July 4th, 1978 in New Haven, Connecticut, and raised in nearby Guilford. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor's degree in European History before moving to New York to begin her career as an actress. Although her goal was to act on the Broadway stage, she has not made it there yet, but has instead found a home on television. She has appeared in national commercials and as a guest in several T.V. series including American Dreams (2004), daytime drama Guiding Light (2003), Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (2004), and Charmed (2005).

Becki's breakthrough role was playing Amanda Tanen in ABC's dramatic comedy Ugly Betty (2006). In the 2008 episode The Kids Are Alright, she not only acted, but also performed a song she had written, entitled "Gene Simmons is My Daddy," after her character discovered the identity of her biological father.


  • Worked as a waitress at the Time Square Brewery - her first job after coming to New York
  • Married a man that she had met on the subway (Chris Diamantopoulos) and later learned Greek so she could communicate with his family.
  • Would like to be a teacher, a chef or a writer if she was not an actress.
  • Is the daughter of art gallery owners and the sister of actor Matt Newton.
  • Loves the movies Dirty Dancing, Anchor Man, and Good Will Hunting.


  • " "When I got the script for Ugly Betty, I just thought of every person I'd ever met in the New York fashion world and went into each audition imitating them. Their very over-the-top characters really do exist. I've met them."
  • "I find that I tend to not have a lot of dignity. I kind of don't mind falling flat on my face. I don't get embarrassed easily. I think that lends itself to comedy. I make myself laugh all day long and I think when an actor's having fun, people will have fun watching that person."

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