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Bluetooth Sunglasses - Technology Your Eyes Will Love

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Modern technology continuously affords us new and brilliant tools for protecting our eyes and our health. Now, health conscious consumers can take advantage of a new technology, Bluetooth sunglasses, to protect their eyes from the sun, while also allowing them to talk with friends, family, business associates or loved ones.

It may sound absurd, but people can now use their sunglasses as cell phones among other things...

RAZRWire - Bluetooth Sunglasses By Oakley
Oakley is among the first of high-class sunglass manufacturers to produce "Bluetooth enabled sunglasses." These high-tech gadgets provide users Bluetooth technology, complete UV protection, sharp clarity resulting from superior optics and a lightweight frame that is comfortable and stylish to wear.

Other fashionable eyewear manufacturers are following the steps of brand name retailers, and looking to produce affordable and sophisticated sunglasses incorporating Bluetooth technology. Before you know it, most people will probably own at least one pair of Bluetooth enabled sunglasses during their lifetime.

What is Bluetooth?
Now, what exactly is Bluetooth and why should you care? Bluetooth is nothing new. Bluetooth is a type of wireless technology, often used in PCs and routers to connect people to the Internet or connect people cell-to-cell for conversation and communication.

RAZRWire refers to a new line of sun wear incorporating Bluetooth or wireless technology, so that users can communicate while wearing convenient sunglasses. Why put cellular or wireless technology in your sunglasses? Good question.

More and more people want fashionable wear and convenience from the products they use and buy daily. Thanks to new technologies like RAZRWire, consumers that are active outdoors, including golfers for example, hikers or climbers and even competitive cyclists, can now stay in contact with friends and even engage in business while outdoors.

One of the benefits of this new technology aside from the ability to multitask is the optimal UV protection and filtering offered by products in the RAZRWire sunglasses line. These sunglasses offer superior sun and UV protection. They are lightweight, stylish and modern.

Even better... this new technology allows owners to talk conveniently without the use of wires.

Are Bluetooth Enabled Sunglasses Dangerous?
As with cell phones, multitasking while wearing one's sunglasses may introduce some unforeseen risk. Consider for example, the number of people in car accidents each year occurring because of distraction caused by a phone conversation.

Anytime you talk with someone, whether by cell phone or while using your Bluetooth enabled sunglasses, you take some attention away from the task at hand. This may result in poorer performance on the field for example, if you are a competitive sports player and decide to buy Bluetooth enabled eyewear.

How do you defend yourself against such risk? The answer is simple. Take advantage of technology, but use it wisely.

Do not "talk" while wearing your sunglasses if you are in the middle of an important event, or even while driving. However, you can take advantage of Bluetooth eyewear when relaxing on the beach or taking a break from golfing. Why not? In today's society, virtually anything is possible. Besides, you may save yourself a few dollars in cell phone fees, and you will have the upper hand in UV protection as danger from sun exposure becomes increasingly prevalent.

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