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Brad Pitt Sunglasses

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Has Been Spotted Wearing these Sunglasses

  • Barton Perreira - Caine
  • Tom Ford - John
  • Tom Ford - Jack
  • Tom Ford - Alex TF17
  • Ray-Ban - Classic Aviators
  • Ray-Ban - 3025
  • Burberry - BE3022
  • Smith - Serpico
  • Prada - Sport PS 54e
  • Prada - 02FS
  • Diesel - Cobretti (worn in Ocean's Eleven & Ocean's Twelve)
  • Oliver Peoples - Strummer (worn in Ocean's Thirteen)
  • Oliver Peoples - OP 523 (worn in Fight Club)


William Bradley Pitt was born on December 18th, 1963 in Oklahoma. He grew up in Springfield, Missouri and has two siblings. He was two credits short of graduating the University of Missouri when he left for California to pursue acting.

Pitt made his film debut in Cutting Class, but what made him a household name was his portrayal of a hitchhiker in the 1991 hit Thelma & Louise. He went on to star in many more popular movies including Interview with the Vampire (1994), Se7en (1995), Meet Joe Black (1998), and Ocean's Eleven (2002) and its sequels.

Pitt has six children with longtime girlfriend Angelina Jolie, three biological and three adopted from various countries. He is also the founder of Make it Right, a large-scale redevelopment project focused on building green, affordable housing in Katrina-ravaged New Orleans.

Brad Pitt Sunglasses


  • In May 2008, Brad and Angelina Jolie bought a chateau on the French Riviera worth $72 million. The Chateau Miraval contains 3 bedrooms, a forest, lake and a moat. Johnny Depp and Bono are close neighbors.
  • Brad and Angelina Jolie used their star power to help The Children's Health Fund. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita destroyed the children's homes. Brad and Angelina have made New Orleans their home and have been working to help the area recover.
  • During the filming of Se7en Brad broke his arm, which led to the injury being written into the script.
  • Before hitting it big, he worked at an El Pollo Loco on Sunset Blvd. dancing in a chicken suit.
  • Was offered a role as an astronaut in Apollo 13 but turned it down to play Detective David Mills in Se7en.
  • Was banned from China in 1997 for his role in Seven Years in Tibet
  • Was the first man to be given the title "Sexiest Man Alive" twice by People Magazine (1995 and 2000).
  • Donated 5 million dollars to rebuild homes in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina


  • "Being married means I can break wind and eat ice cream in bed."
  • "You must lose everything in order to gain anything."
  • "I'd like to design something like a city or a museum. I want to do something hands on rather than just play golf which is the sport of the religious right."
  • "I'm gonna design my own fleet of trailers. No! I'm gonna record an album like Jennifer Lopez. It'll be an acoustic version of K.C. and the Sunshine Band. Then maybe I'll design a line of clothes like Puff Daddy, but all in synthetic fur."
  • "You know, I telephoned my grandparents the other day, and my grandfather said to me, 'We saw your movie.' 'Which one?' I said, and he shouted, 'Betty, what was the name of that movie I didn't like?' I thought that was just classic. I mean, if that doesn't keep your feet on the ground, what would?"

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