Bulgari Sunglasses
The History, Popularity And Genius Behind The Design

Bulgari (Bvlgari) Sunglasses - Style you cant imagine

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Bulgari Sunglasses - Where It All Began
Like many popular high-end designers, Bulgari got its start in Italy. In fact, Italy is known for producing some of the best known designers around the world. You may note in Europe and some other places of the world, the name Bulgari is written "BVLGARI", a name stemming from the designers Greek routes.

Bulgari is one of the oldest designers in history. The company first formed in the late 1800s in early Rome, creating classic jewelry and antiques for Roman royalty. The first retail store opened in 1905, with Constantino and Giorgio Bulgari aiding their father Sotirio Bulgari.

Bulgari Popularity - The Rich And Famous
Most that know Bulgari products are likely rich or famous. At least, you might expect that given the affluent nature of the products and selections offered by the team. Bulgari first gained popularity by creating some of the best quality jewelry, all fashioned in the style of Roman and Greek designs and art.

While Bulgari began its career focusing on jewelry, today the luxury brand offers every product line imaginable, including Bulgari sunglasses, watches, accessories, purses and even hotels. One of the first international sites for Bulgari retail products opened in New York City, quickly followed by retail stores in Paris and surrounding areas.

Today over 230 stores carry Bulgari's unique and quintessential product line. Classic and high quality sunglasses are commonplace among Bulgari's vast assortment of accessories.

Those that love Bulgari often are accustomed to a life of rich and expensive accessories, jewelry and fashion conscious styles. Among the boutiques opened in the United States include those in New York City, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Honolulu to name a few.

Bulgari Philosophy
How will you know if Bulgari sunglasses are for you? Consider the quality of their products, and the company philosophy. According to Bulgari's website, "quality and excellence are the basis of Bulgari's culture". This means the company commits to working with the goal of achieving the greatest quality and satisfaction among customers.

Bulgari products tend to balance quality with impeccable taste and luxury, so any item you buy, whether Bulgari sunglasses or fragrances, is bound to delight. You will indeed feel rich, elegant, stylish and delighted.

People that fit the Bulgari mold include the following.
  • People that prefer high-end quality and classic styles
  • Those that demand outstanding perfection
  • Individuals that seek unique and distinctive sunglasses
  • People wanting a shopping "experience" when visiting outlets
  • Individuals with a taste for impeccable products

Fortunately, Bulgari caters to its customers consistently, offering them the latest designs in sun shades and other accessories.

The Bulgari Man & Woman
Think of high society, and you will get a sense of who the Bulgari customer is. Sunglasses crafted by Bulgari are rich and glamorous. Their sunglasses often feature classic Bulgari jewelry including Swarovski crystals.

Bulgari often makes wrap around sunglasses for those with an active lifestyle. Fans can select from roughly 45 different Bulgari designs, including those with metal frames, plastic frames and even Parentesi acetate sunglasses. If interested in Bulgari sunglasses, you can even select wrap around frameless sunglasses for sportswear or those covered in fine crystals for a day out on the town.

The fashion-conscious consumer will fall in love with the timeless collection offered by Bulgari and family. Why not check them out and find out what styles match your personality and style?

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