Chanel Sunglasses - What's The Fuss?

Chanel Sunglasses - What's The Fuss?

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When most people hear the name Chanel, they think of Chanel No. 5, the famous perfume. Chanel sunglasses however, are rapidly taking center stage as the manufacturer continues to expand its ever-popular product line.

Chanel Sunglasses - History in the Making
Coco Chanel has always been famous, especially for the fragrant perfumes first offered by the Chanel brand during the early 1900s. During this early time, Coco Chanel opened two small boutique stores in France.

Much of Coco's time was spent creating stylish, classic and chic fashions and accessories. Most people learned to associate quality with the brand Chanel. Most popular include the "little black dress" something every woman considers a must-have item in their wardrobe.

Other popular products offered in the early boutiques of Coco Chanel included quilted handbags and a slew of fragrant, pungent perfumes. Today however, Chanel offers a wide spectrum of products, including clothing of every type, makeup, accessories and naturally, Chanel sunglasses.

The Chanel Sunglasses
Sunglasses by Chanel are like no other. While considered high-end products because of the expensive price tag associated with the brand, most shoppers express interest in the distinct style Chanel sunglasses offer. The brand name sunglasses offer all the glamour and chic style of other high-end products including Gucci Sunglasses, Prada and Versace sunglasses.

People wearing Chanel sunglasses recognize the style as classic. Chanel does offer a selection of different sunglasses, but most are made using a classic style that tends to be a bit dramatic.

For example, Coco Chanel is famous for providing black frames and lenses, and all the hardware used to meld the sunglasses is always silver colored. There are different styles, but remember Chanel is famous for its monochrome color if nothing else.

Like most high-end products, Chanel sunglasses have the Chanel logo imprinted along the sides of the frame, much like you would see in Gucci sunglasses.

Now, you can get some varieties of Chanel sunglasses that have tiny diamonds added as part of the logo. There is also a very small selection of sunglasses crafted by Chanel that do have a different lens or frame color. Even these however, offer an easily recognized style and conformity that literally breathes Chanel.

Real Chanel Sunglasses vs. Imposters
Chanel sunglasses tend to be a bit expensive, so many manufacturers eagerly create "fake" sunglasses that look similar to the Chanel original, but do not offer the same quality. Unfortunately, some people easily mistake a replica for an original Chanel and end up spending mega bucks on fake sunglasses.

How do you know if your Chanel sunglasses are the real deal? Here are a few hints to get you started.

  • Try to avoid buying "discount" designer glasses from the back of someone's van or a street vendor, because they are likely fakes.
  • Check the sunglasses to ensure they are crafted using only the best materials. You should not see any flaws or mishaps with the naked eye.
  • Make sure you check, then double check to make sure you have a pair of sunglasses with the right logo, two C's that interlock on the side.
  • Be sure the logo is spelled the right name, and don't be fooled by names that sound similar.

If you order "Chanel" replicas online, you can easily spot them by the packaging. True Chanel products including Chanel sunglasses come in glamorous packaging. You should get tags, a box, a case and any other important items you might expect when buying a high-end product, including a certificate or warranty.

If you plan to spend more than $100 on your sunglasses, do your job and make sure you get the right ones. If you do, you will be happy, guaranteed.

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