Sunglasses for Children

Sunglasses for Children

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Sunglasses are just as important for children as they are for adults. Children are just as at risk, in fact more at risk for sun damage than adults. The earlier you interest your child in protection from the sun, the better.

Children need to understand that UV light can damage their skin and eyes much in the same way it would an adult. Talk to your child in simple terms, and then plan to shop with them to find the perfect sunglasses.

Buying Sunglasses for Children
Most parents find buying sunglasses for their children easy. Many manufacturers, even high-quality designers, now make sunglasses for children that reflect cartoon themes, favorite characters or bright colors.

Most children spend more time outside playing than adults do, so it is helpful for parents to interest their children in wearing sunglasses and hats as early as possible. Slathering on sun block will protect your children from UV rays that burn the skin.

You can't put sun block in your child's eyes however. That's where sunglasses come in.

Here are some tips for buying sunglasses for your children.

  • Take your child with you when buying sunglasses. Your child is much more likely to wear the sunglasses you buy if you let them have some say in the style of sunglasses you get.
  • Remember that not all children's sunglasses are alike. Some do not protect against harmful UVB or UVA rays. Make sure you check the label and find out whether the glasses will protect your child's eyes from these rays. If they don't you might as well send your child outside unprotected.
  • Consider buying glasses designed to conform to your child's head, or those with a strap that attach to the head to keep them in place. Children are active. Much like adults playing sports, they need to wear sunglasses that will stay in place through vigorous play.

Teaching Your Child to Care for Their Sunglasses
Your child should learn to care for sunglasses just as they would care for prescription lenses. Some children will need prescription lenses and sunglasses in one. After all, you don't want to spend half a lifetime in the optician's office repairing broken glasses.

Here are some important accessories you can supply you child with to help them maintain their sunglasses.
  • A hard case to protect the sunglasses when your child isn't wearing them.
  • A safe place to store your child's sunglasses so they don't get lost.
  • A cleansing cloth and solution that is non-toxic, so you do not scratch the lenses when you clean your child's glasses.
  • A strap or bands that will help your child's sunglasses stay on during active play. Some call these cords or retainers. If you are not sure where to get them, just check in with a local optician's office. You can also buy them online.

When buying sunglasses for your child, the best lenses to invest in are usually polycarbonate lenses, because they last longer and can hold up better to the wear and tear children subject their glasses to.

Lastly, do not forget to buy your child sports sunglasses if they play outdoor sports as they get older. Doing so will ensure your child has the best chances for good health for years to come.

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