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Isabel Lucas was born January 29th, 1985 in Melbourne, Australia. She is best known in her home country for her role as Tasha Andrews in the Australian daytime drama Home and Away. She made her first appearance on the American showbiz scene in mid-2009 with the release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. In the film, she plays the role of Alice, Sam Witwicky's college stalker.

Isabel is an environmental activist and has worked with various organizations such as Greenpeace International and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. In October 2007, she, along with fellow actress Hayden Panettiere, was involved in an attempt to disrupt an annual dolphin hunt off the coast of Japan. Isabel is also a spokesperson for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


  • Is friends with her Home and Away co-stars Indiana Evans, Sharni Vinson and Jason Smith.
  • Supports and is an ambassador for Global Green Plan.
  • Appeared in an American television commercial for Crest toothpaste.
  • Is a spokesperson for the National Breast Cancer Awareness program.
  • Usually goes by the nickname Izzy, but is sometimes called Belle or Isabella by certain people.
  • Speaks English, French, and German.
  • Favorite foods are artichokes and spaghetti bolognaise.
  • Loves animals and has dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs and horses at her family's home in North Queensland, Australia.
  • Was in the car with Transformers costar Shia LaBeouf during his July 2008 accident, but was not seriously injured.


  • "Well, the best piece of fashion advice, I gave someone would be: Be individual and wear what suits you and what you like!"
  • "(Favourite fashion labels) I like unique clothing with beading and usually opt for more soft, flowing styles for example, Peace Angels. But I usually just wear jeans or whatever is the most comfortable."
  • "(on nicknames) I have like so many cool and funky nicknames. My sister tends to call me Belle. I love it when my friends call me Izzy. But, my favourite nickname is Isabella."
  • "I am totally addicted to natural beauty products. I like to look natural and radiant. So my best beauty tip is start on the inside. Make sure to eat healthy and drink plenty of water."
  • "Film (is my focus), but I want to try all different mediums. I have really had a lot of time to think about what I want and Home and Away was a wonderful learning experience, but it was a lot of pressure for a young person straight from school. Acting is what I love, so film and theatre is what I want to do now."
  • "We found out when Home and Away rang mum on her mobile when she was driving. Mum pulled over and I then got on the phone. I was so excited and we had a big family dinner that night to celebrate."

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