MP3 Player Sunglasses - Technology and Trends in Modern Eyewear

MP3 Player Sunglasses - Awesome Technology Within Sight

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As if using your sunglasses as a cell phone weren't enough, now you can use your sunglasses to jam to your favorite tunes too. As usual, Oakley is leading a new trend in eyewear, introducing the OAKLEY THUMP. Sounds cool, but what is it?

What Is The Oakley Thump?
Oakley, a leading eyewear designer and manufacturer, recently released a high-performance product providing optimal sun protection, optics capability and more. Now, using your "thump" you can listen to more than four hours of your favorite music just by wearing your sunglasses.

Imagine how much better your bike ride, your walk or your daily commute might be if you had an uplifting beat to drum to and adequate sun protection to protect your eyes?

Oakley's digital sunglasses offer seven different colors to choose from. Many famous celebrities and sports enthusiasts, including Lance Armstrong, use the Oakley Thump while biking. Many studies suggest thump music can increase one's performance whether exercising, meditating, working and more.

How Much Does Technology Cost?
On first glance, the THUMP seems expensive. A new pair of shades combined with MP3 technology may run you up to five hundred dollars. However, the more expensive versions feature 256-megabyte capability and polarized lenses ideal for sports.

You can by less expensive versions of the eyewear from other manufacturers including the Rio Cali. Many of these less-enhanced versions feature memory players that allow you to load your favorite play lists while protecting your peepers at the same time.

Regardless of the brand you select, chances are high you will pay around one hundred dollars and up to five hundred or more for a pair of sunglasses. The good news is you are investing in high-quality sunglasses that may last you a lifetime.

How Do I Know If I Need The Thump?
If you are an avid sports enthusiast or someone that spends a lot of time outdoors, and loves music, then more than likely you will find the return on your investment in a pair of digital eyewear much in your favor.

The OAKLEY THUMP for example, not only offers invigorating tunes, it also provides advanced UV protection unmatched by others. Polarized lenses offer you the best of the best in sun protection, ensuring your eyes are safe and your ears pleasantly enhanced throughout the day.

If you find the idea of wearing sunglasses that play your favorite songs, and would prefer to not tote your iPod along, then you might consider investing in a less expensive set of digital music sunglasses. This way you get to enjoy the benefits of superior protective eyewear and enjoy your favorite music when you want, without spending a fortune.

If you do invest in an expensive pair of digital music eyewear, make sure you take proper care of your sunglasses.

  • Keep them in a protective case when not in use.
  • Do not use harsh wipes or fabrics to clean polarized lenses.
  • Make sure you keep your digital music eyewear away from water; if you tend to sweat a lot while working out, bring along a towel to extend the life of your eyeglasses.

Most digital music sunglasses offer up to six hours of integrated music. You have the choice of playing MP3 music, WMA and WAV.

FIO Digital MP3 Player Eyewear
Keep in mind when searching for the best eyeglasses, more than one manufacturer offers MP3 technology. FIO Digital MP3 sunglasses are as remarkable as the Oakley Thump. In fact, these sunglasses are rapidly becoming favored by secret agents and government officials. Why?

The FIO MP3 sunglasses allow agents to record all electronics needed to conduct investigations in their sun wear. You can enjoy the benefits of being a "secret agent" however, without necessarily engaging n dangerous affairs. The FIO MP3 sunglasses do allow users to record voices, music and even your own voice if you happen to be out and about and want to take notes or remember something on your to-do list. For this reason, some consider the FIO Digital sunglasses a step above the THUMP.

FIO sunglasses are ideal for multitasking people, those that want to record, listen to music, exercise or walk about the town all at the same time. Why not check out a pair for yourself and see what you think?

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