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Nike Sunglasses

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Everyone is familiar with the Nike symbol, and many associate Nike with top-notch clothing, shoes and sportswear. Nike has now entered the world of eyewear, producing some of the most popular styles and trends in history.

Whether you are a true athlete or a fan of sporting wear, you will find Nike has all there is to offer and then some when it comes to sunglasses, styles and trends.

Nike History and Philosophy
Nike speaks a language of sports, according to Bill Bowerman one of the company's high-ranking representatives. A company focused on performance, Nike aspires to empower all those that use their services. Nike is considered by many to be one of the most well-known health and fitness companies in the world. Their philosophy embodies health, fitness and wellness through personal achievement and activity.

Housed in Beaverton Oregon, Nike has offices and retail stores located throughout the world. In fact, Nike currently employees nearly 30,000 people from diverse locations around the world, and that number may continue to rise given the popularity of this famous designer.

Nike Sunglasses
Nike sunglasses are much like the rest of Nike's line...

Nike sunglasses are sporty, stylish, and trendy and made of the highest quality materials. Nike designs many of its sunglasses for athletes or people that plan to engage in sports. The designs are so popular however; many non-athletes buy Nike glasses because they provide comfortable protection and a contemporary style.

Much research went into the development of Nike sunglasses; in fact, researchers spent a lot of time designing the lens so that wearers could experience greater clarity and contrast.

Nike sunglasses provide tints to accommodate athletes in various conditions, including those that may bike, run, and engage in volleyball, soccer or other sports. The good news is Nike makes glasses of the highest quality, but also sunglasses that are affordable for just about everyone.

Among the various styles of Nike sunglasses available today include:

  • Nike Soccer Sunglasses - These sunglasses, made famous by soccer star Thierry Henri, were made to promote speed. Their shape allows for firm attachment to your head so you can run around, kick a ball and not worry about your sunglasses fall off.
  • Runners Sunglasses - Runners also need sunglasses that stay firmly attached to the head, but also those that won't fog up and will work to reduce glare from the road. That's a lot to ask for, but that's just what Nike did with its line of runner's sunglasses.
  • Golf Sunglasses - Yes, golfers need their eyewear too. Golfer's sunglasses by Nike help improve contrast and clarity, so golfers can play a good game.

Other sunglasses by Nike include those for tennis players and those for baseball players.

Prescription Sunglasses by Nike
Nike even provides prescription sports sunglasses for those that need to wear prescription lenses but still want to enjoy an active life. These sunglasses look much like many other stylish sunglasses, with varying tints ranging from dark black to almost clear.

When you select Nike sunglasses, you select the best. Rest assured you will own a quality product ideal for sport-related activities.

Nike Contacts
While most people prefer sunglasses to contacts for sun protection, Nike is a leader in creating tinted soft contact lenses for individuals that want to wear protective eyewear during sports activities. Nike is a leading innovator of these new glasses, which typically provide an amber or dark grey tint for those involved in golf, running, soccer and other serious sports.

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