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Nicole Houston Reed was born in West Los Angeles, California on May 17th, 1988. Her teenage years were troubled and at the age of fourteen she was emancipated and moved out of her mother's house. She co-wrote the semi-autobiographical script for her first movie, Thirteen (2003), with friend and first-time director, Catherine Hardwicke, as a means of talking about the issues in her life. The entire script was written in only six days.

Nikki was originally going to play the lead role of Tracy in the film, but was asked to play Evie instead because the producers were having trouble casting such an "uncomfortable" role. Ultimately, the independent film did very well, earning her three awards, seven nominations, and the Hollywood street credit she needed to launch a full acting career.

In 2006, Reed was cast in a recurring role as Sadie Campbell on The O.C. and won the title role in the film, Mini's First Time that same year. However, she is probably best known for her portrayal of the beautiful vampire, Rosalie Hale, in the movie Twilight, a role she reprised in the two follow-up movies of the franchise, New Moon and Eclipse. All three movies, which costar Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, are based on Stephenie Meyer's bestselling novels.


  • Loves horseback riding and sushi
  • Is of Jewish, Italian, and Cherokee ancestry
  • Parents divorced when she was two years old
  • Has 15 piercings, including six in each ear, one in her tongue, one in her nose, and a bellybutton piercing
  • Bleached her hair and skin to better fit the part of Rosalie Hale in Twilight


  • "I had hoped that girls all over the world would relate to Thirteen. But I had no idea that girls I was sitting next to went through the same things I did."
  • "Before the 80's everything seems ancient to me."

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