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Oakley Sunglasses - The Company
Some refer to Oakley as the mad scientist of design. Oakley came about thanks to the ingenuity of Jim Jannard, an innovative designer that started the company with just $300, when on one else thought his products held value.

They couldn't have been more wrong. Jim claims the Oakley brand defines quality, aspiring to provide products including sunglasses and accessories that "work" and "look" better than any comparable products.

The company consistently aspires to create sunglasses and other products that provide utility. So, if you decide to invest in Oakley sunglasses, chances are high you are not going to get something that "just" protects your eyes from the sun.

For example, during Jim's early years as a designer, he invented the O Frame® goggle. This provides a lens that curves to form a perfect arc, worn by professionals throughout the world because it provides clear peripheral viewing and clarity.

Oakley Sunglasses - The Trend And Styles
Oakley sunglasses differ from those of other high-end designers in that they provide consumers with utility. They are made of the highest quality products, but the company also focuses on providing greater utility or use for their products.

You might notice many Oakley sunglasses are championed by sports enthusiasts. This is not by accident, but by design. Jim spent much of his time creating sunglasses for sports fans alone. Using innovative techniques incorporated into other product lines, Oakley developed "Eyeshades®," which ultimately began what the company calls a "revolution" and evolution in the way sunglasses are viewed and worn.

Sunglasses by Oakley are not simple accessories. They are not crafted with crystals to adorn other high-end products. Instead, Jim considers his sunglasses equipment, crafted of the highest quality, to protect the eyes from UV radiation, from environmental toxins and from irritants.

Among the more popular fans of Oakley sunglasses are bikers including Greg LeMond, a three-time Tour de France Champion. Consider a professional bicyclist. They need eye wear that provides a clear view, sunglasses that do not fog because of perspiration, and shades that wrap around the head and prevent irritants from flying into their eyes when competing.

Oakley is an art, but also a science. For those interested in wearing high-end sporting sunglasses, Oakley is one of the more popular brands to choose from.

Oakley Sunglasses Logo

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What Does Oakley Stand For?
All Oakley eye wear are famous for the "orbicular" design as some refer to it. While Jim Jannard has more than 500 different lines of eyewear to select from, the more popular of his sunglasses are those created for use during sporting events.

Among the companies inventions include Eyeshades, which act as a one-lens shade many prefer to call a goggle. Often described as radical and outrageous Oakley's line of sunglasses and shades gained rapid popularity during the 1980s. Today, look anywhere and you will find at least a dozen or more people wearing Oakley products.

In fact, Oakley products are so in demand many companies have attempted to "fake" the look and style of Oakley products. These counterfeiters attempt to create products that look like Oakley, but fail to provide the utility and safety associated with real Oakley eyewear.

A word of caution for Oakley fans... always buy from a trusted retailer to make sure you get the "real deal" when buying Oakley. Make sure the sunglasses you buy are of the highest quality, not flimsy and useless counterfeits.

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