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Olivia Wilde was born Olivia Jane Cockburn on March 10th, 1984 in New York City. She was raised in Washington D.C. by her parents, who are both journalists. She has studied acting both in the United States and in Ireland.

In addition to her TV roles on The O.C., The Black Donnellys, and House M.D. she has acted in films including The Girl Next Door, Alpha Dog, Conversations with Other Women and Turistas.


  • Was voted #4 in BuddyTV's TV's 100 Sexiest Women of 2009.
  • Is vegan.
  • Is the half-niece of mystery writer Sarah Caudwell.
  • Is in Maxim's The Hottest Women of Fall TV ยด08 for her role as Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley on House.
  • Owns a shaggy dog, Paco, who won Old Navy's mascot contest in 2006
  • Has dual citizenship (United States and Ireland).
  • Got "Punk'd" in 2006. Happens to the best of them!
  • Chose her stage name after playing Cecily Cardew in her high school's production of Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest.
  • Owns a classic Pontiac Thunderbird with the license plate MRWILDE.


  • "From a very early age, I made my decisions based on careers that I admire. The one thing that all the actresses I love have in common is that they have diversity in their careers."
  • "I'm now convinced that I'm a doctor. I mean, if someone says they have a pain, I'm like, "Well, that's your spleen."
  • "I'm a natural blonde, but I feel like a brunette. I feel like people treat me now how I should be treated. People used to be shocked, when I was blond, that I wasn't stupid."
  • "I think there was no other profession for me. I was either going into an insane asylum or to be an actor."
  • "Inspiration is the key to everything."
  • "Angelina Jolie is my celebrity crush...and I know you all understand."
  • [On having played "Alex on The O.C. and "Thirteen" on House M.D.] "Most times my name is mentioned in any sort of magazine, it has to add, 'known for playing the bisexual.' And now, after House, it'll be, 'known for always playing the bisexual."
  • [On House M.D.] "It's strange to be on this rocket ship of a show that doesn't see itself as being successful. When we hear our ratings every week, I'm like, 'No way. What? 20 million people were not watching TV at the same time."

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