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Rachel Anne McAdams was born in Ontario, Canada on November 18th, 1978. She got her first taste of performing at only 4 years old, not in acting, but figure skating. She competed in the sport throughout her childhood and high school years, even earning regional honors.

But her acting debut wasn't far behind. She got her start on the stage when she was 10 years old, in the Original Kids Theatre Company in London, Ontario, performing Shakespeare and other classics. In 1995, her high school's play, I Live in a Little Town , was part of the Ontario Showcase of the Sears Drama festival, and Rachel received an award for her performance.

While she didn't originally intend to pursue acting beyond high school, a teacher's encouragement led Rachel to the drama program at Toronto's York University. (The same school attended by Swedish actress, Malin Akerman, though she was studying psychology.) She graduated with honors and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

In 2002, Rachel was cast in the starring role of her first major film in the US, The Hot Chick. Shortly after that, she landed the role of Regina George in the hit movie Mean Girls (2004), and has since acted in other notable films such as Wedding Crashers (2005), Red Eye (2005), The Notebook (2004), State of Play (2009).

Rachel also played the lead female role in the romantic scifi film, The Time Traveler's Wife in 2009, which is based on a novel of the same name by author Audrey Niffenegger. She also had the lead role of Irene Adler in the movie Sherlock Holmes (2009), based on the classic books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


  • Has naturally blond hair, but likes to change it often
  • Worked at McDonalds for three summers as a teenager
  • Is a vegetarian
  • Was born in the same hospital in Canada as The Notebook co-star, Ryan Gosling
  • Donated signed photographs for a charity auction. Proceeds were used to buy toys for less fortunate children


  • "I guess each relationship is different. That's what I love about relationships. Even when they end, you've learned so very much, so much to take into your next relationship and to take into your life. It's the greatest thing that comes out of an ending - so it depends on the person."
  • "The craziest thing I've ever done to get a guy's attention? I admit I stalked someone. I showed up at a restaurant where I knew the guy worked, and we were actually good friends and had lost touch, and I pretended that I didn't know he worked there. And then ran into him and, "Oh my God, you work here? I had no idea." It's the most manipulative thing I've done in my entire life, but it all worked out very well, so I have no regrets."

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