Ray-Ban Sunglasses - History And Utility In One

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

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What do you think of when you hear the name Ray-Ban? Chances are one of the first images that comes to mind are Ray-Ban sunglasses. Like many other popular sporty styles including Oakley sunglasses, Ray-Ban sunglasses are famous among people with unique preferences.

The Ideal Ray-Ban Customer
Ray-Ban sunglasses are one of the most well-known brands to hit the market in modern times. In fact, Ray-Ban is the best-selling brand of shades on the market today. One reason for this is the very high quality offered by Ray-Ban.

Quality, combined with a unique and intriguing style, make Ray-Ban equally popular among the young and old. Here are just a few benefits Ray-Ban sunglasses have when compared to other products.

  • Crafted with care and excellence
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Optimal for sporting or other events
  • Provide top-notch comfort
  • Look stylish yet comfortable
  • Fit almost any style
  • Protect the eyes by offering 100% protection from harmful rays

As an added benefit, customer's investing in Ray-Ban products can rest-assured knowing they are getting high performance, stylish sunglasses without paying premium prices when the invest in Ray-Ban shades.

Who Started The Ray-Ban Rage?
Ray-Ban's are much younger than Oakley sunglasses, their primary competitor. The company started producing Ray-Ban sunglasses during the early 1930s. During this time the military commission Ray-Ban to provide high performance eye wear to soldiers in combat.

One reason Ray-Ban is so popular among the military and sports fans today is because of the functional design of the product. For members of the military, well-styled and functional sunglasses are essential for performing their duties. Ray-Ban sunglasses are credited with allowing sports enthusiasts and military personnel to carry out their daily duties without concern for performance or quality control issues.

Ray-Ban Lenses
While stylish, Ray-Ban sunglasses are certainly for "functional" people. The lenses used by Ray-Ban are among the best in the industry, with frames available for almost any condition, sport or activity. The philosophy behind Ray-Ban sunglasses is to provide the highest comfort and fit without compromising utility and quality.

Here are some other reasons, apart from the terrific lenses, Ray-Ban sunglasses are so popular.
  • Ray-Ban's are popular because the celebrities wear them, and what celebrities where or buy, everyone wants a piece of.
  • Ray-Ban's are affordable yet highly functional and crafted of the best quality material. Unlike some other high-end manufacturers.
  • Ray-Ban creates sunglasses almost anyone can enjoy.
  • Ray-Ban's come in enough designs to allow individuals to express their personalities freely.

People wear Ray-Ban's not because they want to make a statement (though you can use them for this if you want), but rather because they fit and work well. Among the more popular styles include the Predator and Sidestreet. Why not try a pair today and see for yourself why Ray-Ban is a popular brand you can find just about anywhere.

Ray-Ban Trivia
Here are a few facts and figures you may not know about Ray-Ban and sunglasses in general. Enjoy!

  • According to an article published in Cover Magazine, consumers spend over $30 billion each year on sunglasses alone.
  • Some studies suggest that every hour at least four people break, lose or sit on their sunglasses.
  • Statistics provided by eBay suggest sunglasses sell at a rate of one pair every 90 seconds. Not bad for eyewear.

Ray-Ban's best known model is the Wayfarer, which was born in 1953. Many believe this style is one of the best crafted, with the highest selling averages in history. If you are not sure what this style looks like, catch the Blues Brothers movie. They wore Wayfarer's as their trademark sunglasses.

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