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  • Mykita - Cooper
  • Bottega Veneta - BV 52
  • Carrera - Flag 23
  • Dita - Cazal 902
  • Dita - Grandmaster II
  • DVB - #8
  • Fendi - FS 5018ML
  • Louis Vuitton - Evidence
  • Oliver Peoples - KVA
  • YSL - 6120


Usher Terry Raymond IV was born in Dallas, Texas on October 14th,, 1978. He spent the first part of his childhood living in Chattanooga, Tennessee and began singing as a child for the local church youth choir. The family relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where he joined an R&B group called NuBeginnings, but moved on after their first release.

At thirteen, Usher competed on the televised talent show Star Search, where he was spotted by a talent scout for LaFace Records. It was this contact that helped him get his career off the ground. The self-entitled album "Usher" was released through LaFace Records in 1994. He was awarded his first Grammy in 1997 for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance for the song "You Make Me Wanna" off of his second album "My Way." Beyond his musical aspirations, he also began racking up noteworthy film and television credits, starting with his recurring role on the television show Moesha, and continuing on to his first film role in The Faculty.

Usher released the album "Confessions" in March of 2004 and spent some time refocusing his acting efforts, appearing in the film In the Mix in late 2005. More recently, he has released his fifth studio album "Here I Stand" and participated in the televised memorial for Michael Jackson.


  • His album Here I Stand came out on May 27, 2008.
  • Usher's song I Can't Win was written by Ne-Yo.
  • Usher became the first artist in 34 years to top Billboard Hot 100 singles chart four times in a year.
  • He is launching the first-ever celebrity debit card. The Usher's Debit MasterCard, is backed by the financial service group Bankfirst.
  • Has a road named after him (Usher Raymond Parkway) in his birth town, Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  • Was originally supposed to play the part of C.C. White in Dreamgirls (2006) but had to drop out when he couldn't commit six months to the project.
  • Became co-owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team in 2005.
  • Holds the record for longest note sung by a child on Star Search (12.1 seconds).
  • Founded a small record label, US Records, in 2002.

Usher Sunglasses

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  • "I used to be the guy who tore off his shirt during every show. Now I'm a little more comfortable in my skin."
  • "[My son is] called Usher because he looks so much like me it would have been hard to call him anything else..."
  • "The only reason I ever started singing is 'cause I wanted to own a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop."
  • "(on him being a new dad): It was the beginning of a new life for me. Sometimes I'm just like, wow!"
  • "Every album is about immortalizing that moment of where I was and what I was feeling. So with a song like 'Love in This Club,' I tried to put myself back three years, to how I felt at that time, and then bring it up to how I feel now."
  • "I'm all too familiar with obstacles in relationships. There's this safeguard... my grandmother, my mother and my brother. They are the guard dogs of Usher. If you get past those three, you're good!"

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